Shipping - US and International

We are an authorized retailer for The Modest Bridal Collection by Barbie and Barbie Anne Bridal.  If you live in the USA or Canada please contact your nearest retailer to place your order. If you do not have a retailer near you, we would be happy to assist you with this purchase.

Our goal is to help brides all over the world wear the wedding dress of their dreams. Since each dress is a special order, we ask that you follow our guide to buying online as we do NOT accept returns or exchanges. No refunds, no exceptions. 


Steps to Buying Online with Us:

1. Browse our dresses and fall in love with your perfect wedding dress.

2. Get your measurements. We highly recommend going to a tailor or seamstress that you trust to take your measurements. Our sizing chart is in inches. (We are not responsible for inaccurate measuring etc.)

NOTE: If you are between sizes, you will likely choose the size that will fit your largest measurement.* Ex: If your bust is a size 6, your waist is a size 8 and your hips are a size 12, you should probably go with the size 12. You can take a dress in but you can't let out a dress more if you don't have enough fabric. *If you choose an a-line or ball gown your hip measurement may not be as much of a factor.  Use your best judgement or email us your measurements at for assistance in picking a size. 

Gown measuring guide
Bust: Take a measuring tape and measure around the largest part of your bust. 

Waist: With the measuring tape, measure around the smallest part of your waist. This is usually approximately an inch or two above your belly button.

Hips: Use your measuring tape to measure around the largest part of your hips and bum. 

3. Place your order by choosing the style, color and size of your choice. Confirm your order in our online shopping cart and process your order!

Need help? Reach out to our email and we would be happy to assist you!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Delivery Times: Our gowns take approximately 14-16 weeks to be delivered but may ship sooner if gowns are in stock. If you need your dress faster than 14-16 weeks, email RUSH delivery is to receive your gown in 10-12 weeks and is usually $100 USD. If you need a gown sooner, please email us to find out what stock is available. In stock gowns will ship within 2-3 weeks. 

Taxes and Duty: Local tax may apply to this item in your country, for which you will be requested to pay directly by the courier company upon arrival of your dress. 

Returns or Exchanges: Our gowns are generally special order and are made for you. They are made to your requested size, not your measurements. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer returns or exchanges on gowns. 

Custom changes: Some gowns do offer custom changes but they may be limited. Please email us with any questions about any custom changes you would like to make to your dress.

When Your Dress Arrives:

Yay! Your dress is here. Now what? 

1. Remove from Box: Be careful that you do not cut through the box as you may damage your gown. Carefully remover your gown from the traveling bag and turn it right side out. Your gown will be wrinkled from shipping - don't worry, she will be beautiful once she is smooth again. Gently shaking out your gown and hanging it can help relax wrinkles but the best way to remove wrinkles is with a steamer. Caution: using an iron could damage your gown as fabric is delicate and can be melted or damaged and is not recommended. If you do not have a steamer, check with your seamstress for their services. We are not responsible for any damage that is done to your gown upon arrival. 

2. Trying on Your Gown: The best way to get into your gown is to step into it. If possible, do not pull the gown over your head as it can cause bunching and for the dress to not lay properly. Put your shoes on after your dress is zipped up.  

3. Alterations: Keep in mind that your dress may not fit perfectly when you first try it on, but most things can be adjusted to fit you better with the help of a few alternations. The most common alterations are: take in the gown, take out the gown, shorten the hem, adjust the sleeves, take in the shoulders or bust, etc. Contact a trusted seamstress to have them fit your gown to you! 


Need help? Reach out to our email and we would be happy to assist you!